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Insulin Trurapi (Insulin aspart 100 units/mL)

Simulate how much you can save by switching from NovoRapid® 100 units/ml to Trurapi® 100 units/ml (prefilled pen/cartridge)

  • Average dose per patient is based on the total Net Ingredient Cost from ePACT2 (MAT Sep 2020) for NovoRapid, divided by the total number of patients estimated to be on treatment for each insulin (IQVIA Longitudinal Patient Data)1
  • Cost differences for a cohort of patients were based on an assumption that the split of cartridge:prefilled pens is the same as the ratio of cartridge:prefilled pen use nationally, according to ePACT2 data from the period October 2019 - September 20201
  • Where a product is listed generically in ePACT, e.g. insulin aspart 100 units/mL cartridge, this could potentially have been dispensed as Novorapid or as Fiasp but it was assumed it is NovoRapid1
  • Calculation on patients using NovoRapid 100 units/ml were based on a national market share of 42:56:2 split (cartridge:FlexPen:FlexTouch use)1
  • Only insulin costs (NHS list price) were included in this model. Any local discounts/rebates and the cost of implementing a switch program were not taken into account
  • The model assumes dose equivalence between products - when transferring from other insulin products, dose adjustment of Trurapi® or basal insulin may be needed. Insulin aspart has a faster onset and shorter duration of action than soluble human insulin. Close glucose monitoring during transfer and initial weeks is recommended2

Patients using

NovoRapid® spend

Patients using NovoRapid®

How many appropriate NovoRapid® patients can switch to Trurapi®?

Number of patients using NovoRapid®


Current annual NovoRapid® spend


Annual spend by switching appropriate patients to Trurapi®


Your annual savings


MAT-GB-2100260 (V1.0) March 2021

Annual NovoRapid® spend

What is your current annual
NovoRapid® spend?

Current annual NovoRapid® spend


Annual spend by switching 20% of patients to Trurapi®


Your annual savings


MAT-GB-2100260 (V1.0) March 2021

Cost comparison between Trurapi® NHS list price vs. NovoRapid®3

Trurapi NovoRapid cost comparison chart


  1. ePACT, accessed via the Axon360 Platform, supplied by OpenHealth. Oct2019 to Sep2020
  2. Trurapi SmPC (April 2021)
  3. Data on File, MAT-GB-2101599 (v1.0) April 2021
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