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Video: What is a biosimilar medicine?

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What is a biosimilar medicine?

Grace Vanterpool – Nurse Consultant

Some healthcare professionals require an extra reassurance on biosimilars. In this 7 min. video, you can learn from Grace Vanterpool that explains what a biosimilar insulin is, how it works and performs and why should the NHS use biosimilar insulin, to support you in making a positive adoption with Trurapi.

You can find answers to the questions below or scroll to 05:49 to watch a short summary of the video.

Min 00:10 - What are Biological medicines?
Min 00:28 - Are Biosimilar medicines the same as generic medicines?
Min 00:49 - What is a Biosimilar medicine?
Min 01:26 - How are Biosimilar medicines authorised for use?
Min 02:49 - Why should the NHS use Biosimilar insulin?
Min 03:40 - Can a patient already established on insulin be switched to a Biosimilar insulin?
Min 04:35 - Can Biosimilar insulins be substituted?

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