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<span style="display: block; margin-top: 60px;"> Admelog<sup>®<span style="color: black;">▼</span></sup><span style="font-size: 0.6em; display: block; margin: 5px 0;">(Insulin lispro 100 units/mL)</span></span>

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The first rapid acting insulin biosimilar of Humalog approved in the UK1

Admelog pen

Admelog is the new name for Insulin lispro Sanofi which is available to prescribe in England, Scotland and Wales.

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25% lower NHS list price vs. Humalog cartridges and pre-filled pens and 15% lower NHS list price vs. Humalog vials2

Unit 1 to 1

1:1 initial unit dosing* – available in the SoloSTAR® pen, cartridges and vials1

*Changes in strength, brand, type, species and/or method of manufacture may result in the need for a change in dosage. Transferring to a different insulin should be done under strict medical supervision

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Similar PK/PD profile (T1DM)3, efficacy, safety and tolerability profiles (T1DM and T2DM)4-5

Diabetes Stories

Learn from other payors, consultants and diabetes specialist nurses how they adopted a rapid acting insulin biosimilar in their region.

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Photo of Dr Duncan Browne

Dr Duncan Browne

Consultant Endocrinologist and Researcher Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Photo of Amanda Veall

Amanda Veall

Diabetes Specialist Nurse Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Photo of Marcus Jones

Marcus Jones

Formulary Pharmacist Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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Find useful resources such as formulary FAQ, leave pieces and videos for payors and healthcare professionals to support a positive rapid acting insulin biosimilar adoption

DSN, diabetes specialist nurse; EU, European Union, NHS, National Health Service; PD, pharmacodynamic; PK, pharmacokinetic; T1DM, type 1 diabetes mellitus; T2DM, type 2 diabetes mellitus; UK, United Kingdom.


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